Gender: cismale (he/him) Orientation: pansexual Industry: huntsman Deal with Allege: Charlie Gillespie

Gender: cismale (he/him) Orientation: pansexual Industry: huntsman Deal with Allege: Charlie Gillespie

Gender: cismale (he/him) Orientation: pansexual Industry: huntsman Deal with Allege: Charlie Gillespie

Emilio turned the newest guardian of your pupils from the university due to help you his studies given that a seeker, he had been the strongest of your own pupils, together with merely pupil that was individual, besides the witches that attended the college.

Even though Emilio is 19 yrs old, he is a good junior at the Salvatore Boarding university, being held back a few times from inside the primary college or university. Emilio are diagnosed with dyslexia and dyscalculia and therefore inspired one another his training and you may related code-situated running experiences with his ability to see numbers and you may see math products. However already been gonna the basic school from inside the Fell’s Chapel when they come upon so it medical diagnosis as well as did not have in whatever way so you’re able to help the child so that they had delivered him to another college or university which had instructors taught to assist kids using this analysis.

Tatia exhibited everyone in the Mikaelson family members love, even if the Mikaelson did not love the woman

Species: Completely new Vampire (thru Ayanna) Skills: Super strength, extremely rate, extremely speed, very toughness, invulnerability so you can light pine, invulnerability to vervain (because is available at the base of the white pine), immortality, very recovery, psychological manage, improved feelings, attention compulsion, sire bond, telepathy, dream manipulation, shapeshifting.

Weaknesses: creature blood, busted shoulder, the latest eradicate, desiccation, invite, secret, bodily stress, poison, sunlight, werewolf bite (non life-threatening), enchanted thorns

Henrik Mikaelson is the youngest of your own Mikaelson sisters, created three or four ages after their sibling Rebekah, and the one which brought about their parents so you can curse their siblings, and you can themselves. He was personal together with sisters, none to fight with them, particularly their cousin Niklaus and his sibling Rebekah.. Henrik seemed to reveal zero manifestation of that have their own secret, even though his mommy envision he’d since maternity got thought in a different way then the lady half a dozen almost every other of those. He failed to spend normally day together with his parents, however, more time along with his siblings, and much instance their other siblings he had been afraid of their dad.

Henrik very first spotted their elderly brothers, Elijah and you may Niklaus, initiate assaulting after they been proving need for a similar lady, Tatia. Henrik never watched the new appeal of the brand new doppelganger but he knew why. Henrik appreciated the fact that she addressed him besides even when she got both his brothers pitted against one another. When he got old the guy got more curious about the world doing him. Hence morbid curiosity lead to their untimely death, roughly their siblings believe.

Henrik Mikaelson

He was 14 whenever his attraction had the very best of him. It absolutely was the night of the full-moon. Henrik wished to see the males move to your creatures. He sure Niklaus, who was simply distraught whenever Tatia picked Elijah, to slip away having him observe the guys change. Niklaus, beyond the proper feeling, took your aside that evening. They experienced the new move and a magical moment to your a couple of brothers got turned into crappy. Among the many werewolves spotted the newest brothers and you may already been running after them. Niklaus easily receive a lurking put convinced Henrik was not much about him, but the youngest male is caught while the wolf come to maul him. Niklaus watched the fresh wolf get lost before he ran off to his brother’s dead system and you can carried him returning to the town, within the rips more their mistake from judgement within the using the youngest Mikaelson out over understand the males move.

Once they have got to the town Niklaus screaming because of their mommy Rebekah emerged running out enjoying her nothing brother’s body inside her elderly brother’s palms. Eventually Esther and Elijah joined the three together with Ayanna. Esther pleaded to your other witch on the truth be told there becoming an easy method to allow them to conserve your. Ayanna realized the brand new kid was not deceased, perhaps not entirely however, told her or him if you don’t. She spelled Henrik’s human body to save him into the a permanent sleep condition up to she understood he had been sufficiently to take him back into life. But when she don’t count on Esther turning the lady remaining children, along with her spouse, towards the vampires of the underworld. To safeguard him or her about wolves and you can salary a lot of seasons conflict to the a couple of varieties. Esther learned of one’s other witch’s betrayal through to going to check out their to own bands on her college students and you may viewing the latest boy’s human body, before Esther you can expect to do anything Klaus got killed their mommy shortly after her betrayal of who has his werewolf front side. Ayanna tried to awaken Henrik almost ten years afterwards but the woman enchantment backfired. Whenever she tried to wake him, the newest youngest Mikaelson come to perish again however, to help you help save your Ayanna became Henrik for the an excellent vampire casting a similar spell to Esther’s however needing to fool around with doppelganger bloodstream.

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